Thursday, December 16, 2010

Visionary High School's Three Year Technology Plan

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It is very important for a school to have a technology plan. Everyone will view this fact in very different ways. Watch this video about the Importance of Having a Technology Plan presented by Frank Klein. This will lay the foundation for what we have to come.

Another video also presented by J. Klein that we want you to watch is 5 Reasons An Education Gap Still Exists. In this video Mr. Klein talks about his views of there being certain issues, such as Location and Socio-Economics that contribute to the education gap that he believes still exists. What we particularly found interesting was his view that the intention on the local level is what will bring about the change that he thinks that the education system needs. He believes, and we concur, that we have to work together to make this change evident. Of course, at the local level we are looking at all the stakeholders of the school. Parents must be involved in their child's education as we strive to make the students ready for the 21st century.

This is our technology plan over a three year period for our school Visionary High School. Please note that not all possible technology plans could have been employed, however, we have used what was appropriate.

Please click the link below that will show a slideshare that outlines our technology plan. Then watch the summary of our technology plan that follows. High School Technology Plan Summary Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


  1. A nice mix of blog introduction, slideshare presentation, and narrated summary. I am on the road tonight enroute holiday time with my grandchildren, so do not want to rush things. Be interested in what others thought of the meat and potatoes of your plan before I step in.

  2. Nice introduction. You are certainly "the speaker"! I love the clarity with which you present content and ideas!

  3. Your plan is very complete and the way you divide the trainings for the staff is good, it takes into account diversification and differention of learning among the staff too, so excuses are avoided and there is no chance teachers cannot take advantage of it. I really like that way, it is really interesting. Well done!!

  4. I really appreciate the fact of presenting this Tech Plan as if it were a "tutorial".
    On the other hand, taking into account the "ongoing innovations" and teachers to be informed and taught in the world of technology is definitely what awaits us. Therefore, we (teachers) have to strive to perform more advanced and technological skillful "educational lessons in the classroom".
    Very Good JOB!

  5. Ladies Impressive! When I started reading your post then your tech plan, I had smiles all over my face. I know this was not an easy task but ladies you did it. You are truly visionary leaders. I enjoyed every moment of your plan. As I read, I vision this actual plan in use. After watching the video, it definitely set the foundation for your own tech plan. Schools should indeed promote technology and through a very well written and effective tech plan the school we certainly move forward. Again NICE JOB!

  6. Thank you all for embracing our Tech Plan and giving us such positive feedback. As super4thgradeteacher said, it was not an easy task but we persevered. We had a vision and the decision to make this as realistic as possible. Kudos to my team-mates, Michelle, Nicole and Kerry. Ladies the hard work, multiple phone calls and emails worked. We ended with a great product. thanks again to everyone and have a wonderful holiday.

  7. This is a job well done ladies. It doesnt take much to see all the efort and hard work you put into this tech plan. As you said Janet, despite all, the end product is great. Your use of the web tools learned is also commendable. Again, great job guys!!